New Life Village Residency Requirements

Our Village Brings Together Three Generations of Children, Caregivers and Senior Citizens!

Foster-adoptive and kinship families who are providing children a path to permanency are eligible to live at New Life Village. Our Village offers children a safe place where being raised by someone other than their biological parents is normal. A place where, through the support of neighbors and seniors and staff, they can heal and thrive.  Parents in the process of foster licensing or adoption may move into the Village if they have completed Professional Parenting classes. Parents/caregivers are required to complete at least 6 hours of volunteer service per month.

  • Applicants must be financially stable, having approved credit & background checks
  • Must complete required monthly mission-focused volunteer projects
  • Must be persons of compassion & commitment to the Village’s mission

Senior Residents

Invest in your retirement at New Life Village! We invite seniors 55 and older to live at New Life Village and serve as surrogate grandparents, tutors, mentors, extended family,  friends to our adoptive parents and so much more! NLV’s seniors participate in family outings, community activities and benefit from our onsite Wellness, Resilience and Character Development program. Senior programming includes yoga, tai chi, theatre trips and more. New Life Village offers more than affordable housing, we provide a sense of purpose and community that is both fulfilling and engaging. It takes a Village to raise a child and seniors provide a unique dynamic to our program that makes New Life Village a special place to live. Seniors are required to complete at least 18 hours of volunteer service per month.

  • Seniors gain new friends and family serving as surrogate grandparents & community elders
  • Seniors serve the community, giving them purpose, and thus, a healthier retirement
  • Seniors must be financially stable, having approved credit & background checks
  • Seniors must complete required monthly mission-focused volunteer projects
  • Seniors must be persons of compassion & commitment to the Village’s missions

Steps to Apply

  1. Make an appointment to tour NLV
  2. Discuss your eligibility to foster, adopt and serve at NLV
  3. Complete applications and submit deposits
  4. Meet with New Resident Vetting Committee
  5. Pass a Level II Background Check

Resident Testimonials

“As a senior, to live in New Life Village is like being offered a chance to remain “ forever young.” The contact with families and young children is a joyful challenge with many unexpected rewards. When I first came here, I had no idea what to expect. I have since discovered a caring loving community intent on giving the best of themselves to make the dream come true.”

Senior Resident

“Five years ago I drove by New Life Village, then under construction. I stopped in only to meet a very compassionate director who listened to our family’s story and shared how New Life Village might be a fit. I was in the process of adopting my 4 grandchildren. I prayed about the situation and God opened all the doors. We were accepted to New Life Village and have lived here for going on three years. I can’t express enough what a blessing it has been for us all to be a part of this community. The village does all come together as one. We have built a loving relationship with one another and we all go the extra mile to support each other in any and almost all circumstances. Our children, our seniors, all of us are heavenly sent to play our parts in fulfilling Sister Claire’s vision of “It takes a village” to raise our children. Our gated community and our family oriented neighborhood is truly a blessing! The learning center has also helped my children a great deal. And with four children, that’s no easy task.”

Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez
Tribe of Four and Bella our Woof Woof
Adoptive Family