Our Impact

NLV is an intentional community designed to interrupt the cycle of instability and to provide a safe place for children affected by trauma, their caregivers and seniors to flourish together. As an intergenerational community combating the foster care system, the affordable housing shortage and the opioid crisis, NLV helps to create strength and self-reliance with family and community services to address each generation’s and family’s unique needs.

Residents heal and flourish in a community where:

  • Each resident is valued, engaged and supported
  • Youth are surrounded by a Village committed to their healing, safety
and development
  • Seniors gain new friends and family serving as surrogate grandparents
and community elders
  • Children move from the instability of foster care to permanent homes and families
  • Parents receive essential social support and resources to increase their confidence in parenting
  • Seniors serve the community giving them purpose and, thus, resulting in a healthier retirement