-db- Family Foundation

Program Purpose: Our purpose is not only our mission statement it’s our way of life. “To not only be the change that we want to see in the world, but to be for others what we wish we had when we were growing up. Our youth mentorship program is dedicated to being examples of leadership, dedication and love for the youth of the New Life Village. Our program helps to ensure that no children ever feel left behind or neglected. We’ve learned that through a diverse community lead effort we can encourage our youth to achieve immeasurable success through every aspect of their lives. Lessons that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Peace & Love -db- family foundation

Grow Into You Foundation – Teen Life Coaching

Program Purpose: To shift perspectives (positive thinking), restore power and plant hope in individuals who have experienced hardship through tailored coaching and mentoring services. Grow Into You Foundation maintains an approach focused on the dignity, value and voice of the individual, celebrating “little wins” to support a new life trajectory that is in alignment with the individual’s goals and aspirations.

Successful Jocks

Program Purpose: To teach NLV children the “Game of Life” through sports participation, education and mentorship. In the “game of life”, children must know how to effectively navigate to “cover all the bases” of life skills on their journey to the home plate of success. Our aim is not only to teach children valuable skills and life lessons but to encourage them to become more physical active. Successful Jocks goal is to educate young athletes, help them develop their overall strength and abilities and provide the drive needed for them to build their confidence, increase social interactions, learn team building skills and become leaders on and off the playing field.

Community Stepping Stones & Village Arts Program – Art Workshops

Program Purpose: For NLV children to enjoy creative expression while building relationships with each other through a diverse range of visual arts. With Community Stepping Stones – a local nonprofit organization dedicated to using an arts-infused curriculum to inspire, educate, mentor and prepare at-risk youth to become successful adults – Villagers created a mural on the wall next to our playground and built big, beautiful metal butterflies for our garden, offices and the Village entrance.

Stageworks Theatres – Hip Hop Bucket Drumming Classes

Program Purpose: To introduce at-risk youth to arts-programming and improved academic success. Arts program, such as drumming classes, has been shown to improve focus social skills and confidence—all factors that support learning. Stageworks Theatre’s master drumming instructor, Alvon Griffin, uses his “Math Music” method – which helps children of all ages learn rhythms, and create their own compositions in a format flexible enough to take advantage of each individual’s talents, which may include improvisational rap, spoken word, step or dance.

Finally Home – Family Coaching & Trust Based Relational Intervention Trauma Training

Program Purpose: To strengthen family dynamics and relationships – allowing families to better serve as the point of healing for their trauma-impacted children. Finally Home is a full-service Christian adoption agency with multiple programs including family coaching Finally Home recognizes that the family unit is where relationships are built and the foundation for life is established.  When providing familial coaching, they utilize current brain research, family connection models, and previous experience working with trauma-impacted children. The models used are TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) and The Family Alliance Model.

Feeding Tampa Bay – My Mobile Market

Program Purpose: To ensure the families of NLV have access to quality, affordable food. Feeding Tampa Bay’s My Mobile Market regularly comes to New Life Village. My Mobile Market is a collaboration between Feeding Tampa Bay and Goodwill-Suncoast. Its “pop-up style market/mobile grocery store” brings nutritious foods (both fresh and non-perishable items) to underserved areas. Residents receive free produce, with a small purchase, right at their doorstep.

Royal Family Kids – Summer Camp

Program Purpose: To provide a life-changing faith-based week of camp for children who’ve been abused, neglected and abandoned. Kids ages 6 to 18 experience a safe and loving environment with a ratio of one adult to one child. The campers are treated like royalty  starting with a luxury coach bus ride to camp. Each night, there is a special event like a Carnival, Glow Party, Talent Show, or Birthday Bash. Campers enjoy daily activities such as fishing, craft center, swimming, and outdoor games.

Pathfinder Outdoor Education – Team Building Retreat

Program Purpose: To build community and develop social and emotional skills. Pathfinder Outdoor Education‘s unique, hands-on, experiential youth programs help build community by getting kids outside in nature. Our annual team-building retreat provides New Life Village children and families a chance to develop valuable life skills, find their inner leader, problem solve as a community, and discover new talents and strengths.

Life Puzzle – Life Skills & Wellness Workshops

Program Purpose: To help NLV adults discover what it means to become a whole human being that honors one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. Wholeness is the foundation for the Life Puzzle program and is a life-long learning model that offers practical, tangible information for daily living. It presents a proactive, positive way to live life and see how our children are ‘adding pieces to our puzzle’. As each adult learns to be their most ‘whole self’, they are able to teach their children to do the same.

Senior & Community Yoga

Program Purpose: To bring together the Seniors and Caregivers at New Life Village to engage in self-care with calming yoga flow. Seniors experience a mixture of Yin Yoga, Pranayama breathing exercises, slow vinyasa and meditative savasana. The benefits of this program are only a refreshed mind but also many health benefits including better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, increase circulation, improved movement as well as alleviate aches and pains.

Sunshine Line

Program Purpose: To increase access to developmental opportunities (health & wellness, recreational, educational) for trauma-impacted children and provide a respite break for Village caregivers through the provision of transportation. Hillsborough County’s Sunshine Line transports Village residents to field trips and community service projects around the County throughout the year. Children enjoy building community with each other and interacting with the Greater Tampa community in ways they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Celebrate Birthdays

Program Purpose: To ensure every foster and underprivileged child in the NLV community has the opportunity to celebrate their birthday. Celebrate Birthdays makes it possible for each child’s birthday to be celebrated. We sing Happy Birthday, eat cake and ice cream, play games and give presents to each individual birthday child. A birthday is so much more than just an ordinary day! Celebrating with the children raises their self-esteem and makes them feel loved. It lets them know they matter and they are not forgotten. The memories a birthday celebration makes can last a lifetime and truly impact a child.

Suncoast Kids Place

To help adults and caregivers find support and assistance with healing from trauma and through the grieving process. Suncoast Kids Place provides once a month support groups for the adults living at New Life Village who have experienced trauma and/or death at any point in their life. Through this process, the children are also supported through the coping and healing techniques the adults are learning.

BeniComp – Preventive Health Management

Program Purpose: To empower families with resources and support to have autonomy over their healthcare and meet their health goals. BeniComp’s Preventive Health Management (PHM) program offers health screenings that give people insight into the health of their own bodies and provides proactive strategies to help prevent disease, improve health conditions, and reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses. Functional medicine health coaches help participants understand their health data and assist them in their health journey by addressing lifestyle factors such as diet, nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and substance abuse. These lifestyle factors are directly linked to chronic disease, which make up 75% of healthcare expenses.

Local Church Partnerships

Element Church

Provides various supports for New Life Village including tables and chairs for special events, holiday events, Back to School back packs, parent’s night out and is one of the main faith communities that residents attend (it is located a few blocks away).

St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church

St. Mark’s provides gifts and care packages for every Village child each Christmas.

St. Reweis Coptic Orthodox Church

Each summer and Christmas, members of the St. Reweis congregation visit NLV to share the gospel, play games and provide craft activities.

Preservation Church

Preservation Church offers on-campus Church Services at NLV’s clubhouse around the Holiday season. They also provide “Produce and Prayer” where they deliver fresh produce and to each resident and pray with them.

Relevant Church

Relevant Church provides holiday gifts, summer camp sponsorships, supplies and other blessings to the Village throughout the year.