Children who are not adopted as babies or who have entered the foster care system at a later age have the greatest need to find a good family. Any single adult or couple (married or unmarried) willing and able to complete the screening, interview, and training process can apply to adopt a child and is welcome at New Life Village. 

Many people who would be great parents do not even know they can adopt. Often people do not consider adoption because they think:

  • It costs too much money
  • They are too old or too young
  • They have to be married to adopt
  • They would not get approved
  • They do not have a support system
  • They have never been parents
  • They cannot afford a large enough home


  • There is no cost to apply and no court fees when adopting a child from foster care
  • Medicaid is provided to foster and adopted children 
  • Caregivers who adopt a child receive a monthly stipend until the child is 18
  • Adopted children receive a free college education at a Florida college