Adoption Facts and Eligibility

Any single adult, couple (married or unmarried), homosexual or heterosexual willing and able to complete the screening, interview, and training process is eligible to adopt a child and welcome at New Life Village. There is not a fee to adopt a child out of foster care. Many, many people who would be great parents do not even know they can adopt. Often people do not consider adoption because they think:

  • It costs too much money
  • They are too old or too young
  • They have to be married to adopt
  • They would not get approved
  • They do not have a support system
  • They have never been parents


  • There is no cost to apply and no court fees when adopting a child from foster care
  • Families that adopt a child receive a monthly stipend of approximately $430 a month until the child is 18
  • Healthcare for adopted children is covered by Medicaid
  • Adopted children receive a free college education at a Florida college
  • People over the age of 21 are eligible to adopt
  • Single people, couples, and married couples are all eligible to adopt
  • If you move to New Life Village, the community is your partner and support system

Children who are not adopted as babies or who have entered the foster care system at a later age have the greatest need to find a good family. The journey for these children has typically been a difficult one. They have been abandoned, abused or neglected by their biological parents. Visit our Adoption Resources Page to learn how to adopt or foster.