The Village is home to approximately 100 people, ranging in age from birth to 90. Our Village works at the intersection of health, housing, child welfare, and aging – areas that have traditionally been treated separately in the social sector.  With the community itself serving as the intervention, New Life Village brings children, families, and elders together within an intentional, vibrant community where intergenerational connection is the key to well-being. 

Seniors living at our Village enjoy their intentional retirement by serving as surrogate grandparents and extended family, tutors, elders, mentors and support to Village parents and children. Seniors participate in the Village’s onsite program activities. Seniors benefit from living at the Village because:

  • Seniors stay active and engaged
  • Seniors lower their risk of health issues
  • Seniors find daily meaning and purpose
  • Youth are surrounded by a Village committed to their healing, safety
    and development
  • Seniors gain new friends and family serving as surrogate grandparents
    and community elders