Resident Committees

Volunteer Recruitment Manager – Terri Wills

Learning Center –  Sister Aline and Wayne Rosier

Neighborhood Watch – Terri Wills, Pam Kelly, Nelson Rodriguez, Pastor Kite and Dale Chadwick

Village Garden – Sister Marie,Sister Aline, Michelle O’Madigan and Pam Kelly

Heroes Club – Wayne Rosier, Lawrence Strickland, Pastor Kite and John Dieffenbacher

Community Solutions – Farrol Thomas, Michelle O’Madigan, Pam Kelly, Theresa Kite, Sister Aline and Sister Marie

Special Events and Birthday Club – Toni Robles, Michelle Dieffenbacher, Farrol Thomas, Tiffany Strickland and Wanda Chabot

Property & Maintenance – Ray Foss and Bruce Chabot

Barber Shop Club – Tyrece Bennett